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Nationwide Technical Recruiting Agency in Austin, TX

The increased demand for information technology professionals throughout all industries is only going to continue in the future. Small to large businesses and enterprise industries rely on in-house and outsourced IT staff to manage their IT departments and to assist in the growth and development of their business.

At eStaff LLC, we work with businesses of all sizes as well as IT professionals as a specialized information technology staffing service. We match carefully selected candidates in the IT field with companies throughout the nation.

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Passion for Client Satisfaction

eStaff LLC is driven to satisfy our clients’ needs by furnishing skilled professionals precisely when they are needed.

Lower Cost and Less Red Tape

eStaff LLC was founded on providing better service at a lower cost than any other company in the Staffing industry. Our processes are streamlined and efficient to maximize speed, minimize cost and to set our clients up for success.

Experience and Quality

Over 50 years of experience providing peerless professional resources allows us to equip our clients with only the most qualified individuals for any job.

Our Expertise Helps Businesses and Candidates

As a specialized technical recruiter, we have access to the best candidates in the IT field. Each candidate and business supplies specific information to our IT recruiter, who then matches candidates and businesses based on needs and ability to meet specifications and skills requirements.

With our intensive focus on the IT field, we are a recruiting agency with a difference. We understand the demands of IT staffing, and we take the time to get to know the specifics your business needs, allowing for a top match with our highly trained and experienced candidates.

As a specialized information technology staffing company, we also attract the best candidates in the field. IT professionals come to us to simplify their job search. Our record in matching qualified candidates with businesses in the Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin areas makes us a first choice.

For more information or to begin your search for a top IT professional, call eStaff LLC today at 512-381-2257.

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