47944356_SStaying motivated in the workplace can be challenging, especially when the going gets tough.

Your employees may be burnt out or may be even having a hard time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel during long and intensive projects. During these times, however, you need their 100 percent effort more than ever and it won’t be achieved unless you foster a motivated culture.

How exactly can you continually motivate your employees to stay fully charged and readily able to do every task at hand? You could either quit (not a good option) or read on for four ways to power through the work day.

Set aside a distraction-free power time
It can be hard to focus at work. With emails, text messages and co-workers all demanding your attention, it can be hard to focus on all of the tasks at hand. Stay focused and get more done by setting aside a few hours of distraction-free power time. During this time, turn off your cell phone, do not even open your email inbox and tell your co-workers that you cannot be bothered. You’ll be amazed by just how much you’ll accomplish with no other distractions in the way.

Start a new morning routine
Not seeing the kind of progress that you’re hoping for at the office? Perhaps, you need to change the morning routine. Start the day off with a meeting that will allow all employees to participate, where applicable. This will help employees feel involved in the decision-making process. Plus, if employees feel like their voices are heard and that they can make a difference, they will be more inclined to work harder.

Implement a rewarding wellness program
Several studies show that employees are far more effective and even have more energy if they are healthy. Consider implementing a wellness program that rewards your employees for healthy behaviors. For example, employees can earn points for every healthy habit they do and in turn they can redeem their points once they hit a certain number for company prizes. Staying healthy and being rewarded for it can encourage employees to stay motivated and do all they can to be committed to the workplace.

Create a list of wins and recite it when challenges arise
During challenging times, it can be easy to forget all of the wins that kept your employees excited and engaged. When the going gets tough, create a list of wins and recite it to your employees. This will help to remind them of the things that motivated them most at the office and may help provide an extra boost to keep things moving along. You may also want to provide rewards to employees who make significant wins. This will motivate all of your employees to work harder so they can have wins too.

Overall, if your office seems like it is in a slump and your employees are not working to their fullest potential, you might want to consider implementing one of the four approaches mentioned in this article.

Some of the issues you’re experiencing, however, may not be solved just by one of these methods. You could simply not have enough employees or may even need some contract employees to help temporarily with major projects. If any of these scenarios describe your situation, our team at eStaff can help. We provide multiple staffing solutions that will help keep your workplace motivated and operating at its maximum efficiency. Check out our services and call us at 512-848-7953 if you’re interested.