As the owner of a small business, it is vital you staff your business with dependable, quality workers – particularly when it comes to your information services department! This is where an IT staffing agency can really help boost the quality and productivity of your business’s team!

But, how do identify the right company for you to partner with?

First, make sure the staffing agency you partner with specializes in IT staffing. They will have experience and a proven track record, along with a knack for technology. They know the industry well.

Next, take time to meet and interview the IT staffing agency. Be prepared to communicate your company’s needs in an open and easy-to-understand manner with defined goals for the quality/specialty of the individual you are looking for to make the right fit.

When choosing your partner, see that they offer what you need. For example, at eStaff, we have four methods for filling jobs, including direct-hire, contract, contract to hire and payrolling. Find a partner that has a proven strategy for finding quality employees. Asking questions during the process can help you figure out which partner can meet the needs of your business. It also helps foster clear lines of communication for establishing and maintaining a healthy working relationship and partnership with the staffing agency you choose to work with ongoing.

Another thing to keep in mind when looking for a staffing partner is the basics. Find a staffing agency that communicates well. Look for one that shows genuine concern for your company and a desire to find ideal employees for your business. A staffing partner that exudes effective communication will be more likely to attract more potential candidates and they’ll be easier for you to work with.

By adhering to the simple tips above, your business will be able to identify the right IT staffing agency to partner with. We’d love to help you at eStaff. If you’d like to learn about our exceptional IT staffing services please give us a call at (512) 381-2257.