Businessman holding iPhone 6 Space Gray with service LinkedIn

The modern-day world of networking and recruiting exceptional workers for your business can be difficult to navigate. Luckily, a great resource for simplifying these sorts of challenges – both for the recruiter and the potential candidate – just so happens to be LinkedIn.

For companies looking to network with those who could potentially fill desired roles, even if they are currently on LinkedIn, it can still be a bit of a headscratcher attempting to figure out how to best use the service.

Well, at eStaff, we more than have you covered! We’ve provided you with a few quick tips below – to help you and your business get started along your very own LinkedIn journey.

Profile, thumbnail and banner

First off, let’s begin with an often overlooked aspect of presenting your business – its products, ideals, brand values, etc. – on networking platforms such as LinkedIn. Make sure your business has a compelling profile thumbnail and banner image in order to draw the eye of potential future employees.

About Us section

Next, be sure to craft an ‘About Us’ section that will really knock their socks off! Whittle down your core message to a few highly readable sentences and watch as the resumes come pouring in! It is also vital that you include keywords in this description in order for your business to remain highly searchable.

Post regularly

It’s important to make sure your business’s LinkedIn page has regular content updates to let people know you are active and looking to fill positions.

Add career and product pages

Finally, it is imperative you expand your company’s footprint when it comes to its LinkedIn presence. To that end, why not add both career and product pages so prospective workers can understand exactly what you’re looking for and what it is that they’ll be working on, should they join your company.

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By adhering to the simple tips above, your recruiting department will be networking on LinkedIn in a highly successful manner. Beyond LinkedIn, though, our professionals at eStaff provide exceptional IT staffing services. We match carefully selected candidates in the IT field with the right companies. You can expect a lower cost and less red tape than other companies in the staffing industry. Our processes are streamlined and efficient. We have over 50 years of experience which allows us to equip our clients with only the most qualified individuals for the job. If you and your business are seeking the services of a staffing agency, look no further! Visit our website or call (512) 381-2257.