Row of chairs with one odd one out. Job opportunity. Business leadership. recruitment concept. 3D renderingOn average, it takes a business 42 days to find, interview and hire a new employee. That might seem relatively speedy, but when you consider all the work involved, it’s an investment that quickly adds up. That’s especially true if hiring isn’t your No. 1 priority. If you have other responsibilities to attend to, the process can take several months.

Finding talented, reliable employees is critical to your success. If your team consists of hard-working, dedicated individuals who’ve bought into your culture and mission, the sky’s the limit. On the other hand, if your employees spend each day just trying to get by, productivity and morale will suffer.

What can you do to find the perfect balance? And how can you make the right decisions with so much else already on your plate? These are both great questions, and (at least in our opinion) the answer is to outsource. Let us eStaff your business.

At eStaff LLC, we have more than 50 years of combined experience finding, recruiting and hiring talent. Specifically, we focus on professionals in the information and technology sectors. If you’re in the market for computer programmers, data scientists, UX engineers or other in-demand professions, we can help.

We aren’t your typical staffing agency. Everything we do is with you in mind. Our services are all-inclusive and some of the most affordable around. To get started, schedule an initial consultation. During this meeting, we ask you a series of questions about your ideal candidate. After gathering the necessary info, we get to work recruiting.

Our selection process is incredibly quick and efficient. We vet each candidate thoroughly, ensuring their values align with your company. Once we select a candidate, we send them to you for review. If you’re pleased with the results, we process the necessary paperwork and hire them.

To learn more about eStaffing your business, get in touch today. Visit our website or call (512) 381-2257.