49845371 - group business people working together conceptWe all know people are creatures of habit, but research reveals there may be a genetic component that influences how mindful actions affect behavior.

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology suspect a unique type of learning process allows conscious associations to create a type of autopilot that responds to social cues.

Applying this observation, derived from experiments with mice, to people is a big leap. Yet the revelation does shine light into the complex interpersonal tasks subconsciously involved in building collegial business relationships. While most of the process happens at the subconscious level, that doesn’t mean handshakes and smiles aren’t essential to forming new relationships!

Fostering a genuine, transparent demeanor is the most effective way to build social and business connections. Those rules are written in our collective genetic code, regardless of small differences in temperament from one individual to another.

The main thing that holds one back from building strong interpersonal networks is too much of a focus on self. While a modicum of self-interest keeps relationships healthy, approaching business relationships like a Wall Street tycoon is not the way to build a network.

So, venture beyond the networking-meeting venue. Envision others as future friends, not just prospects on a long list of to-dos. You might find it makes all the difference.