Shaking hands of two business peopleYou may think that because you’re an introvert, you’ll not be good at promoting your personal brand. Not so!

As it turns out, those who prefer not to be in the limelight often are invigorated by engaging in one-to-one conversations. And such conversations are key to increasing your influence with your peers.

Consider these personal branding tips for introverts:


• Toot your own horn now and then. Do not sit back and assume your hard or excellent work will be recognized. It may be — eventually — but you need to be more strategic about who knows your accomplishments.

• Don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s a tendency for many introverts, but over analysis can be crippling.

• Have a plan for your personal brand that highlights your strengths and talents. Be sure to contribute to brainstorming sessions, and be liberal about contributing your ideas.