40492261 - global business strategy and development as conceptHave you recently graduated from college? Are you a professional that’s thinking about switching career paths? If you want to follow the money, now is a great time to pursue a career as a data scientist.

In fact, a recent study by LinkedIn found that data scientist is one of the top jobs for recent graduates. Not only that, but the profession averages a salary of $93,000 per-year and over 2000 positions are currently open.

Data science positions are needed at all kinds of companies, from multimillion dollar corporations to technology startups. Thanks to new platforms like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and data tracking software, businesses are using big data to seek out customer buying patterns, establish new and more effective marketing tactics, all while expanding their services globally.

Knowing how to look at a large amount of data, pick out the important points, and make sense out of the research provided is a critical skill that not many people have. Are you analytical? Do you love crunching numbers? Then you may be well qualified to pursue a job in this field.

In the coming years the number of data scientists is only expected to increase, and as more businesses go online and take advantage of new technologies you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd. Pursue your passion, the future is filled with possibilities!