46801227_MIn today’s business environment, your business is only as good as the talent you’re able to retain. Without high-quality candidates in every department from IT to sales, you’re going to struggle to compete with companies who are bigger, better and ever more efficient.

At eStaff LLC we understand the unique position that you’re in. In order to compete, you have to have the best of the best, yet you also have a budget to stick to, and plenty of other demands on your time outside the necessary and often time-consuming process of hiring. Leave that work to us.

Customer satisfaction. Your business needs are our top priority. Management shakeups can happen at any time, meaning you have to be able to adapt and fill positions quickly and efficiently. We hire only the most skilled professionals and will furnish them to you whenever they’re needed.

Less red tape. Hiring independent contractors, contract workers and temporary employees comes with plenty of rules and regulations that you’re required to adhere to. Trying to navigate these waters alone can expose your business to a potential lawsuit or worse. Our legal experts know exactly what the hiring process entails, and will walk you through the entire process.

Lower costs. As a small to medium-sized business, you’ve got a budget to stick to. We get it, which is why all of our services are designed to streamline your operational efficiency while lowering costs. We’ll work with you to find a price point that you feel comfortable with.

Experience and quality. We’ve been helping our clients meet their hiring needs for nearly 30 years, and there’s a reason they keep coming back. Our friendly, professional and knowledgeable team is here to help however we can. Call us today to learn more! (512) 848-7953