43470007 - doodle about authenticity on chalkboard. customer feedback conceptWhat defines success for a business professional? A sharp image helps. And, it also goes without saying that an organized approach to personal branding is important.

Yet the key behind personal branding success isn’t in spinning the perfect conversational technique, or crafting the picture-perfect presentation, as much as it is about undergoing a mental shift.

Start crafting your branding strategy with these two simple questions: Who are you and what drives you? Notice we didn’t touch upon the idea that pursuing perfection is the goal.

If you tend towards perfectionism, it might be time to adopt a new approach to success. Don’t fall into the trap of perfectionism. Even if you could pull off the perfect presentation every time, and you had all the details of your life so well organized that you always had the perfect word on the tip of your tongue, you would lose authenticity. People aren’t perfect. Don’t forget that being you — and helping others understand what’s great about you — is what’s important. Branding is about authenticity, not perfection.