89095560_MWhen you want to hire a new employee, what does the process look like? Do you post a job description online and wait for people to start biting, or do you refer to a file of previous applicants who have already caught your eye? Whatever the case, it’s important to remember one simple tip: make the process personal.

“Personal?” you might ask. “Aren’t we supposed to automate various aspects of our day in order to save time and improve efficiency?” The answer is yes and no. Here’s why.

In 2018, The ASA Workforce Monitor – Job Search Methods and Preferences found that 69% of Americans believe the modern job search process is “too impersonal.” The same report found that 80% of job applicants say applying for a job online feels like sending their resume into a black box. Understandably, many individuals who are looking for work skip the online application process all together and resort to cold calls and visits instead.

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