109591524_MAre you unhappy with your current job? Whether you’ve outgrown your position or simply want to pursue something more challenging, it’s important to be strategic with your search.

Even though many of us are working from home, a job search on the side could alert your employer. That doesn’t just look bad, it could also get you fired. Fortunately, it’s possible to keep your cards close to the vest. Here are three suggestions for doing just that.

1.) Save the research for personal time. If you get bored during the workday, you might be tempted to surf job boards or apply for positions. However, it’s never a good idea to conduct a job search on your current employer’s dollar. This is especially true if you work on a company-owned computer, tablet or smartphone. Most businesses track employee activity. If your boss discovers you looking for new opportunities, they might let you go.

2.) Be careful about posting on social media. If you land a job interview, it’s normal to get excited, but try to refrain from posting about it on your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. This is especially true if you’re friends with co-workers or business acquaintances. Even if you trust your friends and have adjusted your privacy settings it’s still best to refrain. Don’t post anything until you’ve accepted a new position, signed the paperwork, and are ready for your first day.

3.) Don’t upload your resume to online job boards. Now that you’re looking for a new job, you might consider uploading your resume to an online database. Though tempting, it’s best to hold-off. There’s a good chance your current employer uses the very same services. What happens if they run across your resume while searching for new recruits? In addition, scammers often use these sites to collect contact information like email addresses and phone numbers. Find specific job openings and submit your resume directly to the associated business instead.

By following these three simple tips, you can discreetly conduct a job search while still employed. Good luck!